Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Public Relations

Department of Mass Communications

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Public Relations

In light of Aldar University College interest in the Department of Mass Communication as one of the most important sections of social interaction, characterized by the ability to deliver messages to a wide audience, different trends and levels in the process of participation have the meaning through the symbolic interaction. Accordingly, the Department of Mass Communication (public relations)’ role is toward effectiveness of public relations practitioners in modern societies in the context of the globalization of communication at both the community and government levels. The public relations practice is one of the main components of modern institutions seeking governance and integration into smart communication systems that attract governments as well as attract profit and non-profit organizations.

The study of public relations in Aldar University College qualifies students to achieve effective communication within the institutions they join and enables them to build good reputation and form a positive mental image sought by contemporary institutions.

Graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication - Public Relations Program – will be able to:

  1. Communicates with the media from ethical, social, professional points of view, understands the ethics of work, and media codes of honor.
  2. Master the skills of critique and analysis of the contents of the media.
  3. Participate in dialogues and public debates on the role of the media in society.
  4. Develop fluency in the arts of media writing according to the characteristics of the medium.
  5. Participate in the planning and implementation of information campaigns in the development areas.
  6. Apply scientific concepts and skills in advertising, public relations.
  7. Participate in the organization of conferences, festivals, exhibitions, public and private celebrations.
  8. Participate in the production of public relations materials.
  9. Participate in the implementation of surveys, public research and advertising in response to the labor market needs of graduates able to manage and design advertising campaigns.

Career Prospects:

  1. Working in public relations, media, institutional and governmental communications with local and international private companies.
  2. Working with public relations companies and agencies.
  3. Organizing conferences, exhibitions and special events.
  4. Working in the planning and implementation of communication campaigns and media.
  5. Working in the offices and the media of the State internally and externally.

Candidates applying for the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication program delivered in Arabic language must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Hold a UAE High School Certificate with an average score of 60% or its equivalent (Pass)
  • Demonstrate evidence of Proficiency in English
  • Successfully pass the admission interview
All applicants whose native language is not English must take an English proficiency test and obtain one of the following scores:
TOFEL IBT: Score 45TOFEL ITP: Score 450IELTS Score: 4.5
Pearson Score: between 30 to 35EMSAT Score: 950
Documents Required to Apply
Application Form, completed and signed by the applicant;
A non-refundable application fee of AED 420;
Original High School Certificate or Equivalent
Four Passport size photographs;
Copy of Passport, Visa Page and Emirates ID Card;
No objection letter from NATIONAL MILITARY SERVICE for UAE Nationals

General Education Courses (University requirements 30 Credit Hours )
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.GED101Computer Applications3
2.GED102English Writing Skills3
3.GED 103Advanced English Writing Skills3
4.GED 104Islamic Culture3
5.GED 105Environmental Studies3
6.GED 107UAE Society & Culture3
7.GED 151Arabic Professional Writing3
8.GED 151Critical Thinking3
9.GED 110Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
Elective courses (3 Credit Hours)
10.GED 152Chemistry in Our Life3
11.GED 153Astronomy3
12.ED 154Energy Resourses3
Core Courses (42 Credit Hours)
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.ECO 110Principles of Economics3
2.SOC 115Introduction to Sociology3
3.MGM 130Principles of Management3
4.HIS 223Modern Arab History3
5.COM 228Public Opinion3
6.LIT 229Modern Arabic Literature3
7.COM 220Media Translation3
8.POL 331International Relations3
9.GEO 333Political Geography3
10.COM 402Advertising and Consumer Behavior3
11.COM 401Arabic Language and Media3
12.SOC 409Social Psychology3
13.COM 235Application of Statistics in Media3
14.MMD 424Multimedia3
Compulsory Courses(24 Credit Hours)
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.COM 100Introduction to Public Relations3
2.COM 101Introduction to Advertising3
3.COM 102Introduction to Digital Media3
4.COM 215Mass Media in UAE3
5.COM 230Digital Photography3
6..COM 320Global Communication3
7.COM 410Media Law and Ethics3
8.COM 420Media Research Methodologies3
Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours)
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.COM 225Social Marketing3
2.COM 270Strategic Communication3
3.COM 330Intercultural Communication3
4.COM 425Art of Persuasion3
5.COM 430Arab Media3
Specialization Requirements Courses (27 Credit Hours)
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.PRL 234Writing for Public Relations3
2.PRL 331Public Relations Management3
3.PRL 335International Public Relations3
4.PRL 336Public Relations Cases3
5.PRL 340Online Public Relations3
6..PRL 414Corporate Communications3
7.PRL 424Public Relations Campaigns3
8.PRL 420Public Relation Internship3
9.PRL 435Public Relations Graduation Project3