Work and Study in Dubai

Work and Study in Dubai

Work and study in Dubai , at AlDar University college: enhance your career prospects and improve the quality of life! Start your future in Dubai, one of the most attractive cities in the world where Al Dar University College provides various options for the students who would like to work and study at the same time in Dubai:

Option 1:

Al Dar One-year English program is designed to improve your English skills on different levels. According to your needs and perspectives we will help you to achieve your goals in a very engaging and professional development environment.

Program Duration: One Year / Dubai Residence Visa will be provided

Program total Number of Courses: 7 Courses (Selected according to the Students preference and Initial level and score in the English Placement test at the beginning of the program)

General English Levels Courses:

  • Starter Absolute Beginner. ABC, numbers and basic phrases.
  • Level 1 An elementary level with basic grammar and introductions.
  • Level 2 An elementary level with slightly more complex grammar such as the past and future with more complex vocabulary.
  • Level 3 An intermediate level with more complex grammar such as the past and future with added emphasis on conversation
  • Level 4 An intermediate level with complex grammar such as the Present Perfect and some difficult vocabulary.
  • Level 5 An advanced level with difficult grammar and very challenging vocabulary. Great emphasis on communication.
  • Level 6 An advanced level with difficult grammar and very challenging vocabulary that pushes student fluency

English proficiency exam preparation Course:

This course focuses solely on improving the students’ skills in relation to the four main skills of English proficiency exams

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Business English Courses:

In our Business English courses students learn standard Business English vocabulary as well as techniques to apply grammar and communication skills to the business environment.

  • Business English Level I (Pre-Intermediate)
  • Business English Level II (Intermediate)
  • English advanced writing skills
  • English Communication skills
  • English for emails
  • English for Marketing and Advertising
  • English for Sales and Purchasing
  • English for Human Resources

Other Courses

  • UAE Culture orientation Course (40 Hours)
  • Arabic for Non Arabic-Speakers (80 Hours)

Option 2:

While studying  for a four-year bachelor degree program at Al Dar University College, you can work for 6 hours per day as a part-time job. This is as per the labor law in the UAE which allows students to work while studying after obtaining the required permission.

This can be done simply because of our flexible timing option which makes this task possible without any compromise on your education quality.