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Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2017 – 2018


Item Amount Notes
Registration & General Services fees AED 1,400 Every Semester and 50% discount for summers’ semesters.
Admission Fees AED 1,200 One time fees
Security Deposit AED 1,000 Refundable

Note : A non-refundable seat reservation charges 4,400 AED adjustable at the time of registration

Tuition Fees

Subject Per Credit Hours Notes**
Bachelor of Science in Computer & Communication Engineering AED 1,200 AED 18,000
Bachelor of Information Technology AED 900 AED 13,500
Bachelor of Business Administration AED 900 AED 13,500
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication AED 1,100 AED 16,500
Foundation Program Full Program AED 12,500

Note :
*Books not included in tuition Fess
**15 Credit hours for regular Semester
**Refundable in the 1st week (Drop/Add Period) and to be kept in the student’s account.

Visa Sponsorship

Item Amount
For New Student if Inside the Country (U.A.E) AED 4,500
For New Student if Outside U.A.E AED 3,000
For Visa Renewal AED 2,500

Miscellaneous Fees AED Description
Make-Up Exam (Incomplete) 50% course tuition fee Payable upon approval of School Dean
Attested Course Description from ADUC Normal 100
Urgent 200
Attested Course Syllabus from ADUC Normal 50 Per syllabus
Urgent 100
Transcript Normal 100  
Urgent 200
Academic Status Petition (Different Program) 1,000
Quotation 250 Upon Request
Visa Letter 300 Upon Request
Other Letters 50 Upon Request

Graduation Certificate Fees AED Description
Bachelors (BBA, BIT, BMC,CPE,CME) 950 Onetime payment (Payable at Graduation)
Associate of Business Administration 350
Associate of Computer Sciences 600
Foundation Program 350

Al Dar University College reserves the right to modify its tuition and other fees as and when necessary applicable to all existing and new students.