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Research Strategy

In line with its mission, goals and strategic objectives, ADUC considers research as a central element of its educational activities. The College ambition is to establish a solid base for research and scholarly activities continuously enhanced and enriched through professional development programs. It aims to promote research that supports its teaching mission as well as research that addresses the needs of local and regional communities.

Goal and Research Objectives

The Research strategy at ADUC aims to focus on the following :

Goal 5- Provide an environment and resources to nurture and support research activities
  • Objective 5.1: Align ADUC research activities to local industrial needs and demands.
  • Objective 5.2: Allocate adequate funds and resources to invest in promising innovative fields.
  • Objective 5.3: Recognize faculty and students’ research activities to enhance productivity and creativity.

Research Priorities

Research priorities are aligned with the mission and goals of ADUC:

  1. Research Freedom Policy: ADUC fully adheres to the principle of academic freedom where Faculty members are free to undertake research and scholarly activities in their disciplines or across disciplines offered by ADUC. They are free to determine the area of research and the methodology to be used to carry out their research project.
  2. ADUC has set research priorities centered around the following main axis:
    1. Practical industry oriented research.
    2. Exchange of knowledge and expertise with Industry that adds value and relevance to the research output.
    3. Research that addresses the needs and is relevant to the UAE and the region at large.
    4. Research that supports quality teaching and student learning to ensure that the curriculum is continuously enhanced.

Research Funding

ADUC is committed to maintain and develop a sustainable research environment to achieve its strategic objectives in the field of research, through institutional support.

ADUC provides financial support to research projects that will be conducted by its faculty members. Adequate funding is provisioned in the Annual budget thereof, and granted as per the Research Policies of ADUC. As a general principle, amounts allocated to each faculty member should cover total cost of the projected activity. Moreover, sufficient funds will also be allocated to cover cost of participation in conferences, seminars and/or colloquiums of faculty members, both in the UAE and broad.

Research Infrastructure

The College shall maintain and develop the following resources to support its research strategy:

a. Library

The Library resources contribute to Al Dar University College research activities by providing facilities and support in various forms:

  1. Scholarly environment to perform research.
  2. Scholarly resources of 4000+ books, 26 periodicals, and the electronic databases such as EBSCO, ACM Digital Library
  3. Membership of international organizations such as the American Economic Association and Middle East Monitor.
  4. Provision of online information services such as Current Awareness Service, Query Based Service and Selective Dissemination of Information.
  5. Interlibrary Cooperation among the peers or through proper referral.
  6. Regular orientation of faculty to retrieve information from various sources.


The College is equipped with computer labs, software engineering lab, networking and communications lab, electronics lab, multi media lab. The labs are properly equipped to meet the research requirements of the faculty particularly in the School of Information Technology.

c. Corporate Partnerships

All Bachelor degree programs currently offered by the College have a “practicum” compulsory component such as the Internship assignment and the Company Project. The Internship and Company Project constitute a main resource for applied research as well as an opportunity for the College to establish partnerships and collaborative agreement with industry in the field of research.

Both activities provide students and faculty the opportunity to have access to primary data, directly collected from industry. Both activities are conducive to application based research and development of case studies by faculty members.

d. Time Release

Faculty members assigned to administrative and/or programs related responsibilities are compensated through release time. The standard release time for Department Chairs is of 3 credit hours and of 6 credit hours per semester for Deans.

Faculty members engaged in major research projects may be granted time release by the College. Depending on the nature and the importance of the research project, time release could be either a full semester release from teaching or a semester at a reduced teaching load.

e. Research Output

Faculty members are expected to pursue research activities throughout their professional career. Research and publications in academic journals, participating in professional seminar, and conferences are of vital importance for faculty to remain up to date. The College expects all its faculty members to conduct research publishable in academic journals, and/or presentable in national/international conferences/symposiums. The minimum expected research output of each faculty member per academic year is publication of one research paper in a refereed journal or presentation of one paper in a peer- reviewed conference.

f. Research Unit

To further enhance the research capabilities of ADUC, a Research Unit has been formed with both strategic and operational responsibilities.

At strategic level, the Research Unit shall periodically review the Research Strategy and priorities of ADUC, formulate/recommend new research directions, policies and plans, and ensure their implementations and evaluations. When and as required, it may also seek inputs from internal or external academic and/or corporate experts.

At operational level, the Research Unit shall assist faculty members in their research projects/activities and manage the resources allocated to research. In this capacity, it reviews all research proposals, makes appropriate recommendations to the management, and ensures that research undertaken is consistent and in line with the research priorities of ADUC. The Unit has also oversight obligations to the conduct and dissemination of the research output, and to assess possible ethical issues at all stages thereof.

latest Publications

Title of the Publication Faculty Name Date
Dubai EXPO 2020 Exploring the drivers impacting sustained changes in UAE Economy Dr. Anu Vij June 2016
Generative Scheduling of effective Multitasking Workloads for Big-Data Analytics in Elastic Cloud Dr. Salu George June 2016
Empirical Testing of Green Information Technology Model in UAE Dr. Beenu Mago June 2016
Economic Indicators in United Arab Emirates: Assessing National Growth for Sustainability of Economic Performance Dr. Ghassan Ossman May 2016
Job Analysis: A Case Study of a Multinational Firm Dr. Sunitha Kshatriya May 2016
A Study on Factors Influencing UAE Expatriate Investors Dr. Philip Thomas April 2016
Media & Communication Studies Dr. Muhammad Elamin April 2016
A Study on investigating the factors associated with cheating: Violation of academic integrity in UAE Dr. Beenu Mago March 2016
Pattern Matching Using Text Mining Dr. Sujni Paul & Mrs. Sindhu Shivshankar February 2016

Director Of Research

Dr. Meraj Naem

Associate Professor
Director Of Research