Training & Consulting Center

Training and Consulting Center at Al Dar University College offers challenging and exciting educational programs to the local community. These programs are outside the framework of ALDAR’s regular academic programs and offer training and development in such areas as International Business Skills, IT skills, soft-skills workshops and foreign languages.

The Training and Consultation Center at ALDAR specializes in providing courses and programs aimed at performance development in areas such as: HR, languages, IT, media, advertising, travel and tourism, finance and Islamic banking, occupational health and safety, quality control, research and consulting. Our team of high-level trainers, who boast strong academic and scientific qualifications, works diligently to ensure our learning process is extremely efficient and our students enjoy considerable success. The Training and Consultation Center is part of ALDAR University College, which was established in 1994. The university created the Training and Consultation Center in order to build on the university’s strong academic base and to make a quantum leap in admin-istrative, academic and educational processes.


In the pursuit of our vision, we are determined to excel and become the leader in providing integrated solutions in the field of training, consulting and community service at local, regional and international level.


  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Service excellence.
  • Making a genuine difference to the lives of prospective students.
  • Professional ethics.
  • Teamwork.
  • Continuous development.
  • Providing programs that reflect real-life needs and predict future market trends.



    • Training and Developments

      The centre provides a collection of programs that are required by both local and international markets. These programs will be improved upon and upgraded over time to meet changes in market de-mands. Our programs are aimed at different sectors such as sales and marketing, health, media, safety and IT. Our goal is to enhance the proficiency of students and employees and to increase their knowledge and competencies.


    • Specialized Global Professional Certificates and Exams

      Our center offers different certificates that are accredited by high-value lo- cal and global organizations.


    • Events Conferences Workshops

      The center recognizes the importance and necessity of organizing meetings, conferences and workshops in various sectors to fulfill market needs. The center organizes these high value workshops and confer- ences in UAE and the Gulf as well as on an international scale.


  • Advisory Services

    The center is keen to offer advisory services with practical solutions to organizations in order to create high professional value. Our experts an-alyze gaps in the market and help to find opportunities and enhance penetration.