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Library in Dubai

The Mission of the Library is to:

  • Support and enhance the educational mission of the College.
  • Provide essential educational support to local campus community, through its collection of books & multimedia and internet resources.
  • Update the LRC collections with latest resources to enhance and support the learning process.
  • Provide assistance in locating, evaluating, and effectively using library resources and instructional programs to teach library users to think critically about information.
  • Incorporate new technologies and services to help students, faculty and staff discover, create and disseminate knowledge.

Library Infrastructure and Facilities

The Al Dar University College library is located in the 4th floor spanning with the area of more than 2500 sq. ft (approx.) and its resources are classified and arranged in to eight major sections. They are :

  • Reference and General Books section.
  • CD Collections.
  • Journal and Magazines.
  • Reading Area.
  • Students Computer Section.
  • Photocopier and Scanner Room.
  • Multimedia Room.
  • Discussion Rooms.

Library Collection

The collection of Al Dar University College Library includes all forms of print and non-print materials.

Resource Type Academic Year 2016 - 2017
Books 5440
e-Databases & Association Memberships 01
CD’s / DVD’s 100
Number of Computers 20