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Iielts course in dubai

IELTS Preparation Course

Course Objectives:

Our course focuses solely on improving the students’ skills in relation to the four main skills of English and the application of these skills in the IELTS exam:

  1. Reading.
  2. Writing.
  3. Speaking .
  4. Listening.


We use an innovative mixture of materials for our courses. Naturally, we work with standard course-books and utilize (1) New Insight into IELTS to help teach IELTS techniques, and (2) Cambridge IELTS 9 to provide practice tests and activities.

  • We also have our own online learning management system that features some self-created materials as well open-source resources such as online IELTS quizzes and YouTube videos. We offer this to students as a self-study resource and for use as homework.

We also like to be extremely innovative with our material creation. We use all types of resources to help explain IELTS techniques in class, we use resources such as:

  1. Infogram to produce infographics.
  2. Mindomo for brainstorming vocabulary.
  3. Speaking.
  4. Faux flash for vocab and some types of technique practice.

Our Value

  • All our teachers are very experienced and extremely well-trained in teaching IELTS. They have a fantastic record of helping students reach their exam goals
  • We offer small class sizes and a high ratio of face time between teacher and student.
  • We have a large bank of resources that allow students to practice both in the classroom and at home.

Class Focus

As the objective of the course is to focus purely on the students’ final IELTS score, the focus on the class will be extremely practical. It will, of course, feature common IELTS techniques such as:

  1. Skim and Scan for reading.
  2. Using context and prediction for listening.
  3. Structuring writing activities.
  4. Understanding band descriptors and objectives for writing and speaking.

However, we also have our techniques, which we have developed and used to great effect at ADUC. These include:

  1. Maximization:

    Working with students to understand in which areas of the test they excel and helping them to get the highest marks possible in these areas. This is used a lot for reading questions where we push the students to ensure they can get the most marks possible as quickly as possible.

  2. Band Matching:

    This is a technique used for both the speaking and writing sections where we work with students to show them clear examples of language that match with the IELTS bands and we train the students to be able to produce these in a pressure environment.


All our teachers are highly experienced and extremely well-trained in teaching IELTS and have a fantastic record of helping students reach their exam goals. They all boast a university degree in English or a related subject and a TEFL teaching qualification.

Course Length

  • 40 hours in length.

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