B.Sc. of Science in Computer Engineering \General

B.Sc. of Science in Computer Engineering General

The program focuses on the technical aspects of computer hardware, embedded systems, Networking, Image processing and Software design. Graduates will have a strong background in the fundamentals of computer engineering through combined classroom and laboratory work. This program is intended for students who desire to obtain jobs across many industries, ranging from technology to healthcare, green energy, embedded computing, interface hardware and software components.

Apart from General and Core courses the students will study the following compulsory courses in Computer Engineering program:

  1. Computer Programming Fundamentals
  2. Fundamentals of Networking
  3. Data Structure
  4. Network Communications and Security
  5. Operating System
  6. Computer Architecture and Organization
  7. Embedded Systems
  8. Computer Hardware Design
  9. I/O Interfacing

For General level of UAE public schools or Equivalent
Original High school certificate for the 12th grade with average minimum of 90% and minimum 90% in Science and Maths in the 12th
Pre-physics course during the first semester
For Advanced level of UAE public schools or Equivalent
Original High school for the 12th grade with average minimum of 70%
Original High school for the 12th grade with average between 60% and 70% may be admitted on probation and they must obtain a C grade on Physics 1 and Calculus 1 in the first semester
For Advanced level of UAE public schools under the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC)or Equivalent
High school average for the 12th grade of minimum 70%
Have succeeded in advanced math and Physics (level 3)
One of the Following English Proficiency Requirements(Applies for all levels Above)
TOFEL IBT: Score 61TOFEL ITP: Score 500IELTS Score: 500
Pearson Score: between 36 to 44EMSAT Score: 1100Cambridge Score: 154
Documents Required to Apply
Application Form, completed and signed by the applicant;
A non-refundable application fee of AED 400;
Original High School Certificate or Equivalent
Four Passport Size Photographs.
Four Passport size photographs
Copy of Passport, Visa Page and Emirates ID Card;No objection letter from NATIONAL MILITARY SERVICE for UAE Nationals

General Education Courses
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.GED101Computer Applications3
2.GED108Introduction to Arts3
3.GED104Islamic Culture3
4.GED105Environmental Studies3
5.GED107UAE Society and Culture3
6.GED102English Writing Skills3
7.GED110Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
Students will take six of the above general education courses, where
GED101, GED110 and GED102 are compulsory
Mathematics and Statistics
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.MTH101Calculus I4
2.MTH102Calculus II4
3.MTH103Discrete Math3
4.MTH201Differential Equations4
5.MTH202Linear Algebra3
6.MTH301Probability & Statistics3
Basic Science
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.PHY101Physics I4
2.PHY102Physics II4
3.CHM101Chemistry for Engineering3
Computer Engineering Core Courses
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.CPE201Computer Programming Fundamentals4
2.CPE202Fundamentals of Networking4
3.CPE203Data Structure3
4.CPE301Network Communications and Security4
5.CPE302Operating System3
6.CPE303Computer Architecture and Organization3
7.CPE402Embedded Systems4
8.CPE404Computer Hardware Design4
9.CPE405I/O Interfacing4
10.CPE401Engineering Design Project I2
11.CPE403Engineering Design Project II3
Electrical Engineering Core Courses
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.ELE201Circuit I4
2.ELE202Digital Logic4
3.ELE203Engineering Programming and analysis4
4.ELE301Electronic Circuits4
5.ELE302Signal and Systems3
6.ELE303Introduction to Microprocessors4
7.ELE304Digital Signal Processing3
8.ELE401Digital Image Processing and Applications3
9.ELE402Computer systems Instrumentation & Control4
Technical Electives
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.CME405Telecommunication Systems3
2.CME406Radar Systemsc3
3.CME407Special Topics In communication3
4.CPE406Web Engineering Design3
5.CPE407Cloud Computing3
6.CPE408Intelligent Systems3
7.CPE409Digital Media3
8.CPE409IT and Society3
9.ELE403Robotics and Simulation3
9.ELE403Robotics and Simulation3
10.ELE404VLSI Design and Fabrication3
11.ELE405Fuzzy Logic & Neural Networks3
12.ELE406Advanced Electronic Circuits3
13.CME301Communication Systems4
14.CME402Digital Communications4
Specialization Requierment Courses
SNCourse IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.ENG101Introduction to Engineering2
2.ECN201Engineering Economy2
3.RESM202Research Methodology3

ProgramFee Per Hour
VAT Inclusive
Approximate Tuition
per Semester
VAT Inclusive
Approximate Tuition
per year
VAT Inclusive
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering – General1260 AED21000-27000 AED42000-54000 AED