Aldar Research Journal

Aldar Research Journal

The current Editorial Board is composed of internationally prominent expert researchers and academicians with at least twenty-year experience in higher education in their field of specializations related to the disciplines of the Journal.

The Editor-in-Chief of ADRJS is responsible for the effective management of the entire scientific process of journal publishing with a realistic financial plan. His main functions are to validate, guarantee, and maintain the scientific quality of the Journal content and to ensure both the editorial independence of the Journal and the overall integrity of scholarly communications, thus, having full authority over the entire editorial content and timely publication. The Office of the Editor-in-Chief determines ways to maximize the Journal visibility and dissemination in the scholarly world.

Editorial Board Members:

Prof.(Dr) Ezz Hattab(Editor-in- Chief)

Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE.

Prof. (Dr). Munther Talal Momany (Associate Editor)

Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE.

Prof. (Dr). Mohammad Habli(Member)

Dean, School of Engineering and IT,
Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE.

Prof. (Dr) Sajal Kabiraj

Full Professor,
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, P.R. China

Dr. Walid Al-Ahmad


Dr. Meraj Naem(Manuscript Editor)

Dean, Research and Graduate Studies,
Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE.