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Academic Advising
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Academic Advising

Academic Advising complements academic instruction and is thus central to the educational mission of the College.

Academic advising is designed to provide necessary tools and information to all students, allowing them to take responsibility for developing educational plans compatible with their goals; meeting institutional and degree requirements; and preparing for a life of change, challenge and individual fulfillment as active citizens.

The primary purposes of academic advising are to help students to select appropriate academic courses and programs, to establish effective mentor relationships, to use support services effectively, and to plan for the future.

Advising purpose is to:

  1. Assist newly enrolled students in the selection of the appropriate academic program/ courses/concentrations.
  2. Provides students information and guidance about academic standards, rules and regulations of the College.
  3. Monitor students academic standing to ensure improvement in their performance.
  4. Address specific course/program related issues.
  5. Assist students to explore and understand possible short- and long-range implications and consequences of their choices