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Udergraduate Admission in UAE



The mission Office of Admission and Registration at Al Dar ensures organized process for all students by offering professional services from acceptance until the graduation.

  • Efficient registration process in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Timely and accurate guidance to students to assist towards degree completion
  • Timely processing of students’ requests
  • Accurate records from the moment students join until they graduate
  • Accuracy & Confidentiality
  • Dedication & Integrity
  • Efficiency & Improved Communication
  • Making a difference/positive change
  • Reliability & Responsibility
  • Taking pride in quality work

Registration Services

The Registration Department of Al Dar is responsible for maintaining the student records. The department deals with students from all the Schools and help them to enroll in different academic courses. It contributes significantly in the mission of the Al Dar by providing the following services:

  • Admitting and Registering Students in accordance with Al Dar policies
  • Issuing Student ID cards
  • Verifying student status and maintaining student academic records
  • Processing grades and announcement of results
  • Accessing and recording academic standing of students
  • Preparing the academic calendar
  • Confirming graduation and issuing certificates
  • Assisting faculty and staff by proposing courses and scheduling the classrooms
  • Processing student academic grievances, appeals, requests and letters