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Office OF Student Services

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Office Of Student Services

The Office of Student Services (OSS) manages all student activities and events organized throughout the Academic Year.The Office offers a wide range of services with the aim of facilitating the integration of students into college life through extra-curricular activities, study and recreational trips, and sporting events.The Office of Student Services (OSS) aims to create and maintain a community in which each student is able to pursue, through Student Committees, various types in order to enrich their student life. ADUC provides an environment that provides students with the opportunity to pursue activities within the campus.The Mission of the Office of Student Services is to assist students in areas of extracurricular activities and to facilitate the integration of students into the College life by:

  • Organizing and supervising the Orientation Program
  • Providing students with personal counseling or referring them to qualified personal councilors
  • Organizing and supporting extra-curricular and recreational activities
  • Sponsoring and organizing sports events
  • Supporting the Alumni Committee
  • Assisting students in all aspects of student life including housing, medical care, residency formalities, etc…

Student Orientation Program

At the beginning of each semester, an Orientation Program is organized for all new students. The Orientation Program provides students a smooth and successful start at ADUC and helps new students to familiarize themselves with the campus life, to meet other students, to attend presentations conducted by various Schools and Offices and to interact with faculty and staff members.

Students Counseling

The purpose of counseling is to offer support to students experiencing problems such as stress, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and cultural conflicts that could negatively impact their studies and personal growth. Counseling at ADUC is offered at an individual level. All counseling sessions remain confidential. A personal counselor is dedicated to assisting students in their pursuit of academic and personal growth and helping them gain a better understanding and appreciation of themselves.

Health Services

Health services are available for all students. Services include treatment of minor health emergencies and conditions, dispensation of medication for minor problems, provision of individual medical referral, and information on health-related issues. The in house clinic at ADUC is fully equipped to dispense first aid care and a professional nurse is available through the day. The center conducts a number of educational sessions focused on health awareness throughout the academic year.

Transportation Services

ADUC provides transportation services to students living in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman. Students will be picked up and dropped off at designated areas. Students should contact the Office of Student Services at the beginning of each semester for information.

Sports program

The Office of Student Services handles sporting activities, which but are not limited to football, table tennis and fusball tournaments.

The Office of Student Services supervises and assists the Student Council in organizing their events and activities.

The Student Council represents the student body and conveys its views and opinions to the college management.

The Council consists of 3 members selected from among students through elections scheduled at the beginning of each academic year and is supervised by the Office of Student Services.

The Council acts as a liaison between students and ADUC. Students can freely express their ideas and points of view to the Council through its members.

Al Dar University College focuses on the overall development of students by conducting a wide array of extracurricular activities and events.

The Office of Student Services supervises the formation of student committees and conducts elections for committee heads. Each Committee should consist of at least 10 members in order to be recognized as active by the College. Committees should provide the Office of Student Services - on an annual basis - the members’ information, minutes of meetings, action plans, and budget requirements. Each Student Committee is composed of:

  • Head
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members ( at least 10 students )
  1. Cultural Club

  2. The Cultural Club conducts various social and cultural programs. The Club organizes numerous cultural events to promote relations between different stakeholders at ADUC and the community at large. The Cultural Club celebrates traditions, history and heritage of various communities through activities such as UAE National Day. The Club also organizes events such as Sharjah Scout Festival Theater, cultural and art exhibitions, poetry sessions, song and dance performances, and ADUC Open Day.

  3. Sports Commmittee

  4. The Sports Club promotes sports and competitive activities amongst students. Participating Students competes against other higher education institutions as part of the UAE Higher Education Sports Federation. The Club also participates in tournaments and leagues organized by universities, colleges and schools.

  5. Public Services Club

  6. The Public Services Club reaches out to others and encourages community service. The Club works with various charity organizations based in the UAE such as Dubai Charity and Dar Al Ber. The Club also promotes awareness amongst students and the UAE community of issues related to the environment (recycling, green, community) and health
    (smoking, blood donation, breast cancer).

  7. Corporate Club

  8. The Corporate Club organizes seminars, invites guest speakers and round table discussions addressing major topics concerning various industries that can enrich the educational experience of our students. The Club also assists ADUC students in developing their business network and preparing their professional cover plans.

  9. The Alumni Club

  10. The ADUC Alumni Club is the students’ link to the college after graduation. The purpose of the Club is to maintain the relationship between graduates and the college, to promote communication amongst graduates, and to establish an active professional network. The aims of the Club are to:

    • Strengthen ties between the college and graduates and to encourage their participation in various ADUC events and activities.
    • Organize social meetings for the Club members in order to help them maintain contacts with each other.
    • Provide the college with important feedback about the graduates’ points of view on programs and services offered by ADUC.