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ICDL Traing Classes in Dubai

MAC Pages

About this course:

In Pages Essential Training, Instructor will teach you how to use Apple's page layout and word processing application to create a wide variety of documents. You will learn how to adapt the many pre-designed templates that come with the product to suit your specific design needs. Sean will show you how to add content, alter page behaviors, design with shapes and images, and even add movies and music.

Topics include:

Getting Started

  • Getting to know Pages
  • How to use sections
  • The Media Browser
  • Using shapes as design elements
  • Typography controls
  • Wrapping text around objects
  • Adding bookmarks and URLs
  • Headers and footers
  • Traveling footnotes
  • Rulers
  • Rotating images and shapes
  • Creating templates
  • Letting Styles control almost everything
Trainer : Tauqeer Faiz
IT Instructor, Al Dar University College

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