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Study in Dubai

Study & Work in Dubai

Following are some reasons why people like to live and work in Dubai :

1. Dubai is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city:

People from more than 200 countries live in Dubai.

2. Ease of Communication:

Locals form less than ⅕th of the population. With people from the world over, English has become the lingua franca of the emirate.

3. Low Crime Rate:

Being a tourist destination, Dubai takes its law and order very seriously.

4. Shopping and Lifestyle Destination:

From global brands to incredible attractions, from indoor ski resort to world’s largest suspended aquariums, the malls in Dubai have them all. The malls in Dubai are some of the biggest and grandest in the world.

5. Entertainment and Food:

Cinemas, Parks and other similar attractions provide entertainment for the people. Being a diverse city, Dubai offers several kinds of food as well.

6. A Tax-Free Life
7. Conducive Environment for Business and Investments
8. Religious Freedom:

Though steeped deeply into its rich heritage and Islamic culture, the constitution of UAE provides religious freedom and do not discriminate between citizens on religious grounds. The government is strict on extremism and espouses a policy of tolerance.

9. Ministry of Happiness and Tolerance:

The cabinet has opened its doors for two ministerial berths - Minister of State for Happiness and Minister of State for Tolerance. The idea is to promote happiness and social satisfaction amongst the citizens and promote tolerance among all.

Students on ADUC sponsorship can now legally work part-time upon receiving a No Objection Letter from the university and a permit from the UAE Ministry of Labour.

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