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School of Arts and Social Sciences
Department of General Education

General Education Department

The General Education Department provides the university students with a pool of courses which are either compulsory or elective as per their study plans. GED does not grant a university degree.

Mission of General Education Department

The mission of General Education Department is to provide students with a solid foundation of language, enhance their critical thinking growth and enrich their lives to qualify them to work in the diversified UAE Culture, values, environment and the world.

Objectives of General Education Department

The Department’s objective is to establish and equip students to pursue their majors by achieving the following core objectives:

  • Provide the students with the knowledge needed to pursue their majors.
  • Expand the student’s understanding of self, environment and society.
  • Enable the students to build a base of knowledge and skills that are needed for lifelong learning.
  • Give the students the knowledge, skills and motivations needed to qualify them to take the ethical decisions based on an understanding of the societal value.

The General Education Department is integral part of all schools at ALDAR. The GED supports and enables students to complete at least 30 credit hours of the General Education courses.

Course Code Course Title
GED 101 Computer Applications
تطبيقات الحاسوب
GED 102 English Writing Skills
GED 103 Advanced English Writing Skills
GED 104 Islamic Culture
الثقافة الإسلامية
GED 105 Environmental Studies
دراسات البيئة
GED 106 Business Mathematics
GED 107 UAE Society & Culture
مجتمع الإمارات وثقافته
GED 108 Introduction to Arts
GED 109 Critical Thinking
التفكير الناقد
GED 110 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
الإبداع والريادة
GED 151 كتابة احترافية في اللغة العربية
GED 152 Chemistry in our Life
الكيمياء في حياتنا
GED 153 علم الفلك
GED 154 مصادر الطاقة

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Department of General Education

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Department of General Education