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Final Cut Pro 10.2

About this course:

This fully-updated Apple-certified guide presents a real-world workflow from raw media to finished project to demonstrate the features of Final Cut Pro X 10.2 and the practical techniques you will use in editing projects. Using professionally acquired media, you’ll utilize the same tools and editing techniques used by editors worldwide in this revolutionary editing software. Renowned editor and master trainer Brendan Boykin starts with basic video editing techniques and takes you all the way through Final Cut Pro’s powerful features.

The lessons start as real-world as it gets-- with an empty application. After downloading the media files, you will be guided through creating a project from scratch to finished draft. The basic workflow and tools are covered in Lessons 1 through 4 where you'll create a rough cut.  The real-world workflow continues through the remaining lessons as you take the basic project and enhance it with a deeper dive into the more advanced Final Cut Pro X 10.2 features including how to efficiently manage media with Libraries, use the tools to create stunning 3D titles, composite effects and clips with the new mask options, retiming, and more.

Topics include:

Getting Started

  • Lesson 1 Getting Started
  • Lesson 2 Importing Media
  • Lesson 3 Organizing Clips
  • Lesson 4 Making the First Edit
  • Lesson 5 Revising the Edit
  • Lesson 6 Enhancing the Edit
  • Lesson 7 Finishing the Edit
  • Lesson 8 Sharing a Project
  • Lesson 9 Managing Libraries
  • Lesson 10 Advancing Your Workflow
Trainer : Tauqeer Faiz
IT Instructor, Al Dar University College

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