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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page contains most frequently asked questions by current or prospective students of Al Dar. Please browse through the questions.

All students who fulfill the admission criteria of Aldar University for various programs available at Aldar University College.

Yes, Aldar offers a wide range of scholarships and discounts intended to support students in continuing their education. There are many types of scholarships/ grants (High School, sibling, government employee, international student, financial aid) available to the students.

Yes, Aldar accepts transfer students as per the transfer policy.

Yes, Aldar accepts visiting students based on the permission granted by their university.

Yes, Aldar gladly welcomes all the prospective students and their parents/relatives to visit the campus and have a campus tour of all the facilities provided to the students.

Yes, Aldar provides residence visa to all the admitted students based on the approval of visa request by the UAE Immigration Authority.

Yes, Aldar provides transportation to the students for Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai.

Yes, you are eligible for the admission but in that case you will be given provisional/conditional.

You can change your registration during the drop/add period as per scheduled in the academic calendar.

A pre-requisite course means a course, which a student must pass before enrolling in the advanced course

TThe study/course load is the total number of credit hours that student allowed to register during one semester. The maximum registration is 18 credit hours, and the minimum registration is 12 credit hours.

To register less than 12 credit hours, Dean’s approval required.

The Academic Advisor is a faculty assigned for a group of students to advise and assist pertaining to all the academic issues of the students.

Grade Point Average represents the academic performance of the student for each of the semester.

Cumulative Grade Point Average represents the academic performance of the students for all the semesters of the Program, student enrolled.

Aldar offers flexible mode of payment in order to facilitate the students in their payment of the fees.